Onam : 1 Festival, 11 dishes, 1 me



Onam is to the people of Kerala, what Christmas is to the western world. A lot of people leave work, travel home, exchange gifts, and eat a lot.


I had conveniently ignored the festival last year – I lounged in sweats while my fiance was at work.


But this year, I was super determined to become ( at least for one day) the traditional woman – I was going to make the entire feast on my own. To ensure I decided to invite some people over. I counted the plates and bowls and decided I couldn’t invite more than 2 people without incurring unnecessary capital expenditure.


A lot of menu planning and internet research later I mailed my rough draft to my mom – who promptly rewrote it for me!

Ginger, Chillies, Mustard seeds in Coconut oil

Entree  – Banana chips & Jaggery coated banana chips

First Course – Lentils, ghee, pappadom and rice

Second Course – Avial, Pineapple pachadi, Moru curry, Beans, Cabbage

Third Course – Rasam

Dessert – Payasam

Post dessert – Spiced Buttermilk


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