Re-purposed Chair cushions


When we moved into our flat a year ago, I bought a couple of chair cushions from big bazaar ( rs 90 for 2 😛 ). I had intended for us to sit on them till we bought a table and chairs. but we used these cushions for everything but . A year later, the pink and white synthetic cushions are uncomfortable and useless.

I ripped out the stitches, took out the filling and decided to make the 2 flat cushions into one large fluffy pillow-cushion hybrid.

I was snipping away at the machine stitched seams when I saw the hand stitched side. Much easier to open these.

I had no clue what the filling was. I expected it to be all white and fluffy. Well, it was white, but dreadfully lumpy and totally compressed.

I wanted a soft snuggly cotton cover for my new cushion and decided to snip up an old T shirt which claimed to be Egyptian cotton. The T was a gift my brother got some 6 years ago. He gave it to me because it was too small for him. I wore it for a year and them moved on to cuter things 🙂

I cut the neck and sleeves off and sewed up the cushion cover by hand , leaving a small gap for the stuffing to go in.

I have no patience for sewing in straight lines.  And needless to say, the new pillow-cushion is a cuddly mass of zig-zag stitches.

I fluffed it up and it is now my afternoon nap pillow.


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