Diwali for Techies


Just an hour after I asked my husband why I couldn’t buy firecrackers online, I found this article on The Hindu.

In order to save the largely deskbound workforce inside the IT hub the trouble of hectic last-minute shopping for fireworks, a six-member group of young Technopark engineers have launched a website, malapadakam.com, to help their colleagues celebrate a hassle-free Deepavali.

The company passes the order to a licensed firecracker vendor who ensures that it is delivered to the house of the caller. The cash need be paid only on delivery.

I clicked on the link, hoping to move one step closer to a world where everything can be bought online. Here is what I saw.
I tried all the spelling variations of  ‘malapadakam’, which, when incorrectly transliterated can mean poo travesty.

Here is the correct website. It is a cute site, which is in its first year of  operation and delivers only in Trivandrum. I selected the cheapest package and decided to have it sent to my in-laws in Trivandrum.

I need me some of them Electric Stones

I realised after entering all the details that there was no option to pay online.  The ‘gift package’ would now be a compulsory purchase. A quick consultation with my husband told me this would not go down well.

The site has no place to cancel orders. So I clicked the link that happily announced “Call us now”.  And thus it transpired that at 0100 hrs I had a chat with a stranger about his firecrackers. He told me I could transfer the money to an account instead of the cash delivery.

So here I am, sending my first Diwali gifts off to my husband’s family. Married woman FTW!


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