Fasten your tech seatbelt! I am going to talk about Pinterest.com – which is an online soft-board to pin anything you see on the interweb. You can start your own Boards on to which your Pins go. Yes, just like the physical one at home / school / work / police station.

Oh yeah! and they let you sign in with Twitter or Facebook. That’s one less annoying userid-password to remember.

Here’s a screenshot of my boards on Pinterest.

You can see my board with ‘Things to Read’ – A nice way to procrastinate your online reading.

The pins provide a visual aspect to the otherwise dull concept of bookmarking.

As is the case with everything nowadays, there is a social angle to Pinterest. You can go through others pins, Like them and then Repin them to your own boards.

What really works for the Search function is that the boards are curated by owners who are genuinely interested in what they pin about. You are more likely to find specific and accurate ideas.

You can browse through pins randomly or topic-wise. This can get dangerous – Before you know it, it is evening and you haven’t done a shred of real work. The upside is that you will feel super creative and end up painting your bed black, melting the bottoms off your wine bottles and baking brownies in a mug.

Here you can see the broad topics available:

From an internet meme point of view, Pinterest is quite ahead of the curve with respect to Facebook or Twitter. You will find yourself saying this a lot : I saw this joke on Pinterest 2 weeks back.

I leave you with this funny.

In other news, Mr. Sheen said that his costume this Halloween is well, himself


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