Thai Green Curry – Fancy food even when you are too lazy


Coriander is one of those things that is ‘always the bridesmaid never the bride’. I’ve never actually been able to buy a whole bunch of coriander without wasting at least half of it. As a child coriander was seen at home only when Mom was cooking a fancy dinner – and this would be garnish.

I found this recipe for basic Thai Green Curry and adapted it to Indian tastes.

So here is what to do if you want to get some green into your system without too much effort.

Add to Mixer

Whatever you do, do not smell the curry when you take it out of the mixer. The pulverized onions will make you cry!

The original recipe calls for sugar too, but I found it jarred with the rest of the food one can expect on a standard Indian dinner table.

To that mix, do this:

You could add more / less water according to how light / dark / runny / solid you want your curry to be.

In the immortal words of Meryl Streep in the movie Julie & Julia , “Bon Appetit!”

Bon Appetit


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