Lodhi Gardens



After much prodding from the husband, I decided to visit Delhi and stroll around in the Lodhi Gardens. “Why not make a picnic of it?,” the sister in law chimed in on speakerphone. And thus, with a hunting song on my lips, I packed hash browns and mushrooms with tissues and spoons.

Strewn with tombs and other affiliated ruins, the vast greenery of Lodhi Gardens is an escape from the city.


Pollution, overwhelming dirt, dogs, flies. There are more than one reason why eating food outside is a crazy idea in India. But then I went ahead and did this:


There are tourists, runners, hippies, preppies and all imaginable kinds of people.  The best thing is that due to the expanse of the park, you are never too close to other human being. And in a country like india, that’s a rare thing to come by.


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