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Birthday Blues


Back in the olden days, people could falsify the truth easily – for things as silly as saving a schol year. My mother, for example has a ‘School Birthday” and a real one. The school birthday is in March, made up so that she could join school an academic year earlier. Her real birthday is in April.

I’m sure good ole General Singh’s parent’s had similar good intentions when they probably falsified his date if birth. My son will go to school earlier, get a job sooner, get married sooner and bring in the dowries sooner and some day people will google ‘False Birth Date’ and his name will come up on page 1. (I’m just guessing).

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What is it with weird people and social media..So yesterday, this person starts to follow me( see how creepy that would be in real life ). So I go to his profile to figure out why. Turns out he has a creepy obsession with people named Neelima and Sunitha..

So this person starts following me - 0 tweets, 10 following -... on Twitpic

Either that, or the totally non creepy explanation involving him trying to find a lost love from kindergarten who was named either Sunitha or Neelima..