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Weird Censorship (mildly NSFW)


I recently acquired a TV. I didn’t want one because everything they were showing, I had seen when it was aired originally.

The husband wanted to watch football. So after nearly 2 years of negotiations,

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Terror Plot


If you didn’t already know, there were near simultaneous bomb blasts the Isrealy embassies in Georgia ( in Europe, not USA ) and in India. Israel was quick to shout, “Iran did it . We knew it all along!”

And then the next day…

In Thailand some dude carrying a grenade and an Iranian passport blew his own legs off. With the grenade, not the passport.  Read all about it here.

This seems to have all the makings of a Dan Brown thriller. We just need to join the dots on a map and find out there is a hidden message.

My Hate is actually all Lurvvvvv - My Secret Valentine :*

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