Terror Plot


If you didn’t already know, there were near simultaneous bomb blasts the Isrealy embassies in Georgia ( in Europe, not USA ) and in India. Israel was quick to shout, “Iran did it . We knew it all along!”

And then the next day…

In Thailand some dude carrying a grenade and an Iranian passport blew his own legs off. With the grenade, not the passport.  Read all about it here.

This seems to have all the makings of a Dan Brown thriller. We just need to join the dots on a map and find out there is a hidden message.

My Hate is actually all Lurvvvvv - My Secret Valentine :*

Or a conspiracy to finally wage war on Iran?

War on Iran!

Still on the map theme, maybe it is a new terror group’s calling card. You know, much like in Dhoom 2..

I know you’ve erased all of that bad movie from your memory – but here is a refresher.

 He only steals at selected museums in order to mark “A”, the first letter of his name, on the map of the world – Wikipedia

Mr.B ?? Oh no! I've given away the plot of Dhoom 3..

Going back to the Dan brown idea, maybe we will find out in the end that the victim’s best friend is the villain.

A lot of brain cells were harmed while googling for this image. Republicans, I tell you!

Too much?

What be your crazy ideas, then?


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