Here are a couple of pictures of ‘decorations’ at a local mall.

 Fruit Ninja called, they want all their gory blood / fruit juice back.

 Indian Republic Day was a month ago. What did you do – Throw the red sashes across the old decorations and hope no one would notice?


Red slashes across Orange, Green and White decorations.

Oh! In case you were wondering, these were Valentine’s Day decorations..

Really? Valentine’s Day? Really?

And if you aren’t sure of the exact emotion behind the ‘Really?’, watch this clip 🙂


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  1. Recently came across your blog via Facebook (we are connected there)…this one is a funny post. I really (pun intended!) do enjoy those “Really” segments on SNL by Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler 😀
    Anyway, you write really (pun unintended this time!) well and I like your sense of humor. Am following your blog…

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