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Ready to eat?


Once in a rare lazy while, I pick up ready to eat curry packets from the store for a meal. I figure I’ve worked hard, am exhausted, and deserve a break.

In the past couple of years, india had seen a profusion of ready too eat brands. With no particular loyalty, I pick out new brands every time. Nine if the brands is spectacular. Well barely passable. No one would ever mistake a ready to eat curry for the real thing.

Yesterday I opened a packet, squeezed out its contents, and came face to face with this:


All the cakewrecks  poo jokes and pictures I have laughed at seem to have come back to bite me in the a$$.


Pantry Raid – Results


Yesterday night, I wrote about my midnight pantry raid. Here are the results of the experiment.

I ended the night with a decision to make a Chinese style vegetable and pasta dish in a wok.

( wok – i just love saying ‘wok’ 🙂 )

The first thing I did was to start on the pasta – boil water with salt. add pasta. simmer.

I sauteed onions and garlic, and added some of the frozen peas.

And then realized I could have saved on the oil had I used the fat from the bacon.. So I put some of the bacon on a pan, waited for it to ooze out the fat and then added the rest of the peas.

I have giant truckloads of curiosity. I don’t shy away from doing things just because it may be a potential disaster.
The peas in the bacon pan came out dryer than those in the wok with the onions.

I threw in the last of the sun dried tomatoes.

Waited for everything to cook. Added some soy sauce, chili tomato sauce and some sugar. ( I love the hit of sweetness!)


Weekly Pantry Cleanout


I have the luxury of doing my grocery shopping every afternoon. I reach the vegetable shop in my apartment complex just as the giant truck finishes unloading the new lot of potatoes and whatnots.

Then there are the days when I, well, forget..and realize at 10pm that I have nothing to cook the next day morning.  What’s the big deal?, you ask? You see, I make lunch in the morning so that the husband gets a lunchbox to take to work.

It is at times like this that I look to the recesses of my pantry and summon all my culinary creativity. Tonight is one of those times.

I have in my pantry and freezer:

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Family Tracker App


Every January, the husband goes off travelling on end-of-year work visits across the country. As a rule, I prefer not to call / text to ask, ‘Where are you? Have you reached?’ .

And I am not a big fan of having to call people as I leave work / get home. Mainly because I forget, and they think well, er, that I was abducted or something.

This being Delhi, I also needed my family to be able to see where the cab (with me in it) was.  For context , take a look at  this.

My first solution was Google Latitude. But it wasn’t fun at all! Also, Latitude isn’t specifically aimed at tracking your family and needs the trackee to have his GPS on.

Next stop – Android Market…. Sorry! Google Play 😐 ( Fun renaming won’t hide what increasingly seems to resemble 1984)

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Yesterday the husband was gifted a juicer. I have always maintained that it made no economic sense to own a juicer.. and the labour cost of washing said juicer far outweighs any health benefits.

But never one to pass up a freebie. I opened the carton and decided to juice some grapes.  The assembly instructions we simple enough and I was juicing away within 15 minutes.

What I hadn’t accounted for was the giant pulp explosion. In my mind, I imagined pulp collecting at the bottom of its assigned container, much like its juicy counterpart did on on the other side of the machine. Here is a picture of my contained mini berry blast.

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