Yesterday the husband was gifted a juicer. I have always maintained that it made no economic sense to own a juicer.. and the labour cost of washing said juicer far outweighs any health benefits.

But never one to pass up a freebie. I opened the carton and decided to juice some grapes.  The assembly instructions we simple enough and I was juicing away within 15 minutes.

What I hadn’t accounted for was the giant pulp explosion. In my mind, I imagined pulp collecting at the bottom of its assigned container, much like its juicy counterpart did on on the other side of the machine. Here is a picture of my contained mini berry blast.

Disheartened by the pulp explosion and the dismal amount of juice that Rs. 49 worth of grapes yielded, I settled down with my 225ml grape juice and a glossy juicer booklet.  I brought out my wine glass and drank the most expensive non-alcoholic grape beverage I had ever had.

Hidden on the last page of the supplement to the manual, I found something that would make juicing a financially viable proposition.  A section entitled “What to do with the pulp”.

From fruit masks to rainbow pancakes,the uses of pulp, the booklet announced, are infinite. My childhood obsession with mixing things  and not reading instructions resurfaced.In a bold and daring move, I strayed from the booklet’s pre-approved list of pulp uses. And did this:

All the pulp yielded around 300 mL of the tastiest and most preservative free flavoured yoghurt I’ve ever had. I packed it into dainty breakfast sized containers and duly instructed the husband to pick one up on his way out in the morning.

Some math

To Juice or not to Juice



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    • 🙂 Suppu! Thanks for commenting.. Brave indeed 😛 It’s like the time I mixed Ujala in the bathtub for fun ( I was 9) .. So,Any food experiments of your own?

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