Family Tracker App


Every January, the husband goes off travelling on end-of-year work visits across the country. As a rule, I prefer not to call / text to ask, ‘Where are you? Have you reached?’ .

And I am not a big fan of having to call people as I leave work / get home. Mainly because I forget, and they think well, er, that I was abducted or something.

This being Delhi, I also needed my family to be able to see where the cab (with me in it) was.  For context , take a look at  this.

My first solution was Google Latitude. But it wasn’t fun at all! Also, Latitude isn’t specifically aimed at tracking your family and needs the trackee to have his GPS on.

Next stop – Android Market…. Sorry! Google Play 😐 ( Fun renaming won’t hide what increasingly seems to resemble 1984)

I have been using this app for about 4 months now.  It is free, of course. The interface is very clear and not cluttered at all.

And it also works like Whatsapp. You can send default messages ( like, I’m safe ) or chat!

The best part is that it auto updates locations based on your nearest cell tower, even if you don’t have gps on.

You can also turn on a layer displaying nearby police stations, fire stations, hospitals and sex offenders.  Now you’d think, ” That’s the American Sex offender Registry, what use is it in India?”

Here is a screenshot of the app from when the husband was in Hyderabad.

I click on the Orange Pin. – Whabam!


I wonder if we have an online database to find our local pervs here in India.

Here is an expert review for the app.

Pedro on February 23, 2012 (Version 5.0.7)

I just found out that perverts live around me and my fam. I thank this app
All sarcasm aside, Some may find it insulting, trust breaching or intruding to be tracked, but I feel safe and secure knowing that I’m traceable.
What’s your vote –  Creepy or Cool?

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