Weekly Pantry Cleanout


I have the luxury of doing my grocery shopping every afternoon. I reach the vegetable shop in my apartment complex just as the giant truck finishes unloading the new lot of potatoes and whatnots.

Then there are the days when I, well, forget..and realize at 10pm that I have nothing to cook the next day morning.  What’s the big deal?, you ask? You see, I make lunch in the morning so that the husband gets a lunchbox to take to work.

It is at times like this that I look to the recesses of my pantry and summon all my culinary creativity. Tonight is one of those times.

I have in my pantry and freezer:

For the pictographically challenged, that’s

Pasta, Semolina
Green Peas
Sun dried tomatoes
Chickpeas,Tiny Green things, red things, Yellow big,Yellow small ( you see, I’m not very good with  the names of pulses)
Onions, Ginger, Garlic

The pulses are out. They really aren’t fun to eat lunchbox material.

Sauteed onions and peas seemed very pedestrian.

I searched around and saw some surprising combinations.

Peas and Bacon from the Steamy Kitchen

Yeah, I don’t think that would cut it for lunch.

Googling seems pointless and I have decided to call upon my months of cooking knowledge. A whole minute of hemming and hawing later, I present to you :  Wok fried veggies and pasta

Where are the pictures and the recipe ? Hopefully, in tomorrow’s post. Wish me luck for my early morning culinary escapades.


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