Pantry Raid – Results


Yesterday night, I wrote about my midnight pantry raid. Here are the results of the experiment.

I ended the night with a decision to make a Chinese style vegetable and pasta dish in a wok.

( wok – i just love saying ‘wok’ 🙂 )

The first thing I did was to start on the pasta – boil water with salt. add pasta. simmer.

I sauteed onions and garlic, and added some of the frozen peas.

And then realized I could have saved on the oil had I used the fat from the bacon.. So I put some of the bacon on a pan, waited for it to ooze out the fat and then added the rest of the peas.

I have giant truckloads of curiosity. I don’t shy away from doing things just because it may be a potential disaster.
The peas in the bacon pan came out dryer than those in the wok with the onions.

I threw in the last of the sun dried tomatoes.

Waited for everything to cook. Added some soy sauce, chili tomato sauce and some sugar. ( I love the hit of sweetness!)



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