Winter Flowers


Winter in North India is a big deal. The vegetables are fresher, the birds are happier and  you save a lot of petrol because your a/c is off.

I love how the gardeners in my apartment complex start planting, pruning and then sleeping under the trees.   I took these pictures around 6 months ago. Yes, yes, I have indeed perfected the art of procrastination.

I miss winter. It is a blazing 43C / 110F here now.  It is too hot to wear jeans and if you wear shorts, you burn your thigh on the hot car seat.


Dirty fountain, Happy flower 🙂


Tiny flowers, Giant pot


Entrance to the apartment complex

The flowers have wilted and the gardeners are busy sleeping in the shadiest parking lots. The birds take refuge above my a/c and drink from the vase below its drip tube. I wake up every morning to the chirping of happy birds. I guess summer isn’t that bad after all.


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