Football Season is here again.


No matter how hard you try, there is no getting away from organized sport. The English Premier League has kicked off the football season again. Before that there was the Olympics, and then there is always cricket going on. Sigh!

I’ve been trying to get away from sport all my life. My memories of childhood evenings involve staring out the window at my brother and his friends playing football, while I curled up in bed with a book. My current memories involve sauteing eggplants in the kitchen and listening to football which the husband and his friends are watching.

It has been very busy here at home, with family over for 2 weeks. And of course there is the immense laziness that kicks in after a month of hard work.

It has also been a month of fun international news. I am, of course, referring to the whole Julian Assange holed up in the Equadorian embassy situation. Having seen one too many action films on TV this year, my first thoughts were as follows: Why don’t they airlift him? Too high a chance of being arrested mid air?  They could Tom Cruise MI-1 him… Mask, voice modulator, etc. OR in other words, DON 2 him.. On the upside,he could magically gain height and muscle and look like Hrithik Roshan..

I’m waiting to see how this plays out..

In the meantime you can enjoy this absurd clip from Don 2.


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