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Crepe Squares with Ham


I was browsing Martha Stewart’s website a couple of weeks back, morbidly fascinated by the fact that a convicted felon was telling me how to decorate for Christmas. (tee hee)

I shortlisted a bunch of recipes and then promptly forgot about them all.

Then on the 24th of December, I decided I would celebrate Christmas after all, and went grocery shopping. The only thing i remembered from the recipe was the title and I thought to myself “must get HAM”



As the name suggests, the recipe has two major parts 😀

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Express Christmas


We had a plastic Christmas tree at my parents’ house. The neighbours had  given it to us when they moved back to USA .  I toyed with the idea of buying one here after the husband hinted that he never had a tree, ever! But the insane rates bothered me. In Kerala, one traditionally hangs a paper star with a bulb. I did that last year, because of my love of giant shiny things. It hung around till April or so 🙂

So one fine Sunday, 2 days before Christmas , I dropped the husband off to see The Hobbit : An Avoidable Boredom and pottered around the malls for a good 3 hours.

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Granita / Sorbet


On a whim, ignoring common sense, i made a lemon granita.

Everything happened rather quickly. I saw the lemons idling in the fridge: Scrape cut squeeze mix freeze. Then came the gentle afterthought. When on earth will I get around to finishing 600ml of crushed ice dessert in the winter?!

I prodded the dessert in the direction of the husband yesterday night and he munched it all away without even glancing at the cup. I wonder what that says about my cooking in general 😀

Oh well! Here is the recipe. It barely takes 5 minutes to do, not counting freezer time.

  • As much sugar as you have lemon juice
  • Water : around 8 times the juice
  • grate the lemon rinds
  • Boil the water, Add the sugar.
  • Stir till it dissolves.
  • Add this to the lemon juice. Top it off with the rinds.
  • Freeze.
  • Check in every couple of  hour and stir the liquid ice mixture. OR If you cannot be bothered / have other things going on in life, you could process the frozen block by blitzing it in your food processor, or by scraping with a spoon till you have the snow like consistency that one is looking for

You could eat / drink it on its own . or top it off with soda / liqueurs..


Joy !


I just had a whirlwind crafting day! I opened about ten tabs from Pinterest and ended up doing 7 crafty things 🙂

Here is the first:

I had been seeing these 

on the interwebs for nearly a year. But the old apartment was too gloomy to illuminate with lamps! We had to rig up the flat with super bright CFLs. The new flat is super large and very very bright, Here’s what I did:

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