Joy !


I just had a whirlwind crafting day! I opened about ten tabs from Pinterest and ended up doing 7 crafty things 🙂

Here is the first:

I had been seeing these 

on the interwebs for nearly a year. But the old apartment was too gloomy to illuminate with lamps! We had to rig up the flat with super bright CFLs. The new flat is super large and very very bright, Here’s what I did:

Materials Required
1. Card
2. String / yarn
3. Glue
4. Wire
5. Scissors, pen

I started with regular flimsy cardboard / thick paper that I had saved last year from some packaging (hoarder alert!)

Drew on the letters and cut them out.

I had exactly one color of wool at home, so that decision was easy to make.

Applied the glue to one end of the cardboard and started winding while enjoying the latest adventures of Bones and Booth 🙂 cheesy and fun!

Winding the wool on to the ‘O’ is a bot tedious. I recommend spooling on some yarn onto a leftover card piece and using that to loop in and out of the ‘O’

I had some wire pieces that my local florist had used to prop up Gerbera daisies. I just stuck the pieces into the letters, fashioned a clasp to grip the lampshade and waited for darkness to fall!

Another reason to smile every evening

Another reason to smile every evening

You could also hang these up as ornaments!


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