Granita / Sorbet


On a whim, ignoring common sense, i made a lemon granita.

Everything happened rather quickly. I saw the lemons idling in the fridge: Scrape cut squeeze mix freeze. Then came the gentle afterthought. When on earth will I get around to finishing 600ml of crushed ice dessert in the winter?!

I prodded the dessert in the direction of the husband yesterday night and he munched it all away without even glancing at the cup. I wonder what that says about my cooking in general 😀

Oh well! Here is the recipe. It barely takes 5 minutes to do, not counting freezer time.

  • As much sugar as you have lemon juice
  • Water : around 8 times the juice
  • grate the lemon rinds
  • Boil the water, Add the sugar.
  • Stir till it dissolves.
  • Add this to the lemon juice. Top it off with the rinds.
  • Freeze.
  • Check in every couple of  hour and stir the liquid ice mixture. OR If you cannot be bothered / have other things going on in life, you could process the frozen block by blitzing it in your food processor, or by scraping with a spoon till you have the snow like consistency that one is looking for

You could eat / drink it on its own . or top it off with soda / liqueurs..



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