Express Christmas


We had a plastic Christmas tree at my parents’ house. The neighbours had  given it to us when they moved back to USA .  I toyed with the idea of buying one here after the husband hinted that he never had a tree, ever! But the insane rates bothered me. In Kerala, one traditionally hangs a paper star with a bulb. I did that last year, because of my love of giant shiny things. It hung around till April or so 🙂

So one fine Sunday, 2 days before Christmas , I dropped the husband off to see The Hobbit : An Avoidable Boredom and pottered around the malls for a good 3 hours.

During these potterings, I noticed that Christmas decorations were now 50% off. Well, I bought a 2 foot tiny tree for Rs 90 ( A month ago it was at Rs.500 !! ), and a whole bunch of decorations.

I had recently seen this episode of Modern Family, where Phil tries to coin the term ‘Express Christmas’.  From that I surmised that one needed Food, a Tree and Gifts to make any day Christmas 😛

Food was easy – Meat! anything that wasn’t chicken and I would feel Christmas-y

Then came the gifts. I decided to do the thing when you get a gift each day till Christmas, except keep it up till our wedding anniversary (the 29th) An hour later, I had five cheeky gifts and a lighter wallet.

By 8 p.m. Sunday Dec 23 the house was fully Chritmas-ed up. Tree Tinsel Lights and Gifts

Technically, the snowflake isn't Xmas specific, so i can keep it on till spring

Technically, the snowflake isn’t Xmas specific, so i can keep it on till spring 😀

Tiny Tree

So come Dec 25, we had Crepe squares with Ham and Salami, Mushroom and Cheese Frittatas and well, whiskey and wine ( because I cannot be motivated enough to make eggnog)



As we sat around the food, basking in the warm glow of the fairy lights on the tree, I made a mental note to declare the Dec 25 – 29 week our yearly festival.

I hadn’t finished the thought when the husband says to me, ” you know, we don’t celebrate Diwali or Onam or anything else, we should make the Anniversary week our festival” 🙂 ESP?


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