Crepe Squares with Ham


I was browsing Martha Stewart’s website a couple of weeks back, morbidly fascinated by the fact that a convicted felon was telling me how to decorate for Christmas. (tee hee)

I shortlisted a bunch of recipes and then promptly forgot about them all.

Then on the 24th of December, I decided I would celebrate Christmas after all, and went grocery shopping. The only thing i remembered from the recipe was the title and I thought to myself “must get HAM”



As the name suggests, the recipe has two major parts 😀


  • Flour
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Sugar


  • Sliced ham, preferably square

Crepes / pancakes were one of my favorite childhood breakfasts. No, not the american style, as thick as a wad of TP pancake; but the thin British pancakes that my mom would make just for me 🙂 Then I went to France for 2 weeks, became all fancy and started calling them crepes (yes, I’m douchey like that )

SO, back to the recipe

Make a batter with the ingredients. One egg is more than enough for 3 cups of flour. I’ve learnt the hard way that adding too many eggs makes the crepe taste like an omelette.

I add milk last – keep adding till you are happy with the consistency of the batter.  when you pour it back it should flow in a thick unbroken ribbon.

The pan should be mildly warm . Too hot and the batter doesn’t move – too cold and the batter just flows all over place. I use non-stick to avoid having to slather the pan in butter. But having done the buttered version too, I can tell you it is super fun to eat.

Ladle the batter and move the pan around  to coat the batter all over the pan.

Pan On medium heat… WAIT

i cannot stress this enough. Wait for it


or else you will have scrambled crepe. Wait till the crepe lifts off the edges. then you can poke prod push and flip

now place your ham in the middle and fold the 4 sides on the ham.

Munch away

I cooked the ham with no oil, on a non stick pan, for about 2.5 minutes on each side. Make sure you stop before it over cooks and turns to rubber 🙂 Still fun though purists may frown upon you 😀


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