Malay Inspired Spaghetti

Malay Inspired Spaghetti

I recently bought a wok that works on my induction cooking thing. This has meant more deep-frying and stir frying.
After a year using only induction power to cook, I can’t ever imagine going back to a gas stove. Touch screen vs opening gas valve, fearing death = easy choice. 

Here is an easy recipe inspired by something I remember seeing on Poh’s Kitchen. It gives me an opportunity to use my new wok and my mortar and pestle.


  • make noodles / spaghetti
  • put in dried red chilies to rehydrate
  • save some water after straining


  • make rempah (spice paste) in mortar and pestle – onion garlic chilies salt
  • optional extras – fried peanuts, bit of soy, lemon, salt, sugar, water


  •  add spice paste to stir fried veggies and the spaghetti
  • Enjoy sugary goodness. Heat from chilly aftertaste sets face on fire
Here is something else Poh said on her show about the local culture. The daughter in law’s behaviour was judged by the rhythm / aggression in the noises coming from the mortar and pestle.
Googled to find another Source : Lonely planet. 
Subservient Pounding

Subservient Pounding

I recently taught the husband how to crush , peel and pound garlic in the mortar and pestle. He is super excited every time I say garlic, and rushes to do it himself. Tonight he is away on an all day brainstorming meeting for work. I shall do all the pounding myself 😀
Let the Spicy Funtimes Begin

Let the Spicy Funtimes Begin


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