Jaipur, and other things that irritate


I took a day trip to Jaipur last month. I had been there earlier once with the husband and my parents. That time all I did was sit in the car and complain about the heat. This time I was chaperoning my husband’s parents and brother. Less complaining, more smiling and translating.

We took the Shatabdi from Gurgaon to Jaipur. The trains are convenient and surprisingly on time.


The pictures are of the Hawa Mahal, which looks pretty impressive now, but was essentially a large harem :/

Instead of stairs, there are spiral ramps. I remember reading somewhere (Lonely Planet?) that this was so that the women could be wheeled up and down. The clothes they wore were too heavy to walk in!

I’m not a big fan of the whole Rajasthan royalty tourism thing. It reminds me of the disgusting inequalities which still exist in North Indian society.

Speaking about disgusting traditions, here is an advertisement for olx, a platform for selling old stuff.

Here are some excerpt from the accompanying article by Firstpost

Conceived by the creative team at Lowe Lintas, the TVC captures the hustle bustle of an Indian house preparing for a wedding and the dreams of the parents to give the best to their child.

An elderly couple sits around to discuss a honeymoon package as a gift to their kid for their wedding but due to high cost, the parents talk about switching the trip to a cheaper destination. The wedding planner who overhears them, casually tells them the value of the extra things lying at their place, which can be easily sold on OLX in order to earn money.

Wedding is a perfect example as people always overshoot and always end up arranging extra cash

Good job with subtly skirting around the word dowry, you guys.

The husband tells me I am being too critical / judgemental and that gifting a honeymoon to Switzerland is not technically dowry. What do you think?


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  1. An excellent point to debate on! But I think that the honeymoon gift makes it part of the dowry if it is being given by solely the girl’s parents when they are also handling the cost of the wedding and gold/gift-giving. The definition of dowry states: “property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage” and the honeymoon, after all, is a manifestation of money given to the girl and her husband.

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