I’ve been making breads

I’ve been making breads

And I say breads and not bread, because I am yet to make anything that looks like the normal sliced bread.

The first time I ever used yeast, I was upset for some reason and hadn’t gone to bed even at 2 a.m. And when I’m sad I usually throw stuff out. As I was purging, I came across a tiny bottle of dry active yeast my aunt had given me to make appams with. Some googling later, I was sitting on the couch and watching bread rise. We had steamed buns for breakfast and indigestion for lunch.

So here are some pics of the recent bread things I’ve made. It was probably the sweet taste of success but Boy! did they taste awesome.

Here is what I did:

A bread roll

A bread roll

And some bread sticks

And some bread sticks

If you are scared of baking and yeast, I say you should have a lot of confidence and some warmth.


  • Take some water that is warm to touch. Too hot and it kills the yeast, Too cold and nothing happens.
  • Stir in some sugar and yeast
  • Some 20 mins later it will be super frothy. Do not proceed if yeast doesn’t froth. Throw yeast. Feel sad, buy new yeast


  • Blend flour salt oil
  • Add yeasty water and other water to get slightly moist dough
  • I waited some 5 hours for the first rise.. This is obviously a function of may strange things. It shouldn’t take this long..


  • Then I rolled out the dough into shapes
  • Placed them far apart on the baking tray
  • Let that proof for less than an hour
  • They rose again..


  • Scored the dough with serrated knife
  • Sprinkled water and then sesame seeds


Oven Stuff
preheat to 200C; bake at 180C for 20 mins; then top only at 210C for 3 mins for a nice color


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