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Sights around town


Last month, the husband’s family visited. They travelled all the way across the country to be with us for Onam.  And I cooked up a storm (15 dishes, but that is a story for another day). Their flight arrived only in the evening, so we had a traditional feast-dinner instead of the more conventional lunch-and-then-napping ritual.

My brother in law had a long list of things he wanted to see in Delhi. I was surprised at the amount of overlap it had with my own to-see list. Now, we live ¬22kms outside of Delhi and this meant a lot of Google mapping, petrol filling and general snack packing 🙂


Here are some of the things we saw:

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Express Christmas


We had a plastic Christmas tree at my parents’ house. The neighbours had  given it to us when they moved back to USA .  I toyed with the idea of buying one here after the husband hinted that he never had a tree, ever! But the insane rates bothered me. In Kerala, one traditionally hangs a paper star with a bulb. I did that last year, because of my love of giant shiny things. It hung around till April or so 🙂

So one fine Sunday, 2 days before Christmas , I dropped the husband off to see The Hobbit : An Avoidable Boredom and pottered around the malls for a good 3 hours.

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Winter Flowers


Winter in North India is a big deal. The vegetables are fresher, the birds are happier and  you save a lot of petrol because your a/c is off.

I love how the gardeners in my apartment complex start planting, pruning and then sleeping under the trees.   I took these pictures around 6 months ago. Yes, yes, I have indeed perfected the art of procrastination.

I miss winter. It is a blazing 43C / 110F here now.  It is too hot to wear jeans and if you wear shorts, you burn your thigh on the hot car seat.


Dirty fountain, Happy flower 🙂

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