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Wedding Rant


My mother, as is the wont of all mothers, has a few pet peeves. The most colorful among them is her hatred towards the NSS (Nair Service Society) and its affiliate establishments like the TDM Wedding hall in Cochin. As a child, I ignored her general remarks. As a teenager / young adult, I made fun of her criticism and now, as an older young adult, I am shocked that I see her point!

I recently had cause to visit the aforementioned TDM hall to attend a cousin’s wedding. As his 2 favorite female cousins were out of the country, I was pressed into service – not to do any actual work, but to stand around him and look shiny.

Nair weddings have, I am told, evolved many rituals to show off the wealth of the participants.

With increased rituals as shared on the spot by the 2 parties’ elder male curmudgeonly uncles and the equally curmudgeonly NSS official, the wedding stage is like a mini bloodbath.

Take this situation for instance.

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Football Season is here again.


No matter how hard you try, there is no getting away from organized sport. The English Premier League has kicked off the football season again. Before that there was the Olympics, and then there is always cricket going on. Sigh!

I’ve been trying to get away from sport all my life. My memories of childhood evenings involve staring out the window at my brother and his friends playing football, while I curled up in bed with a book. My current memories involve sauteing eggplants in the kitchen and listening to football which the husband and his friends are watching.

It has been very busy here at home, with family over for 2 weeks. And of course there is the immense laziness that kicks in after a month of hard work.

It has also been a month of fun international news. I am, of course, referring to the whole Julian Assange holed up in the Equadorian embassy situation. Having seen one too many action films on TV this year, my first thoughts were as follows: Why don’t they airlift him? Too high a chance of being arrested mid air?  They could Tom Cruise MI-1 him… Mask, voice modulator, etc. OR in other words, DON 2 him.. On the upside,he could magically gain height and muscle and look like Hrithik Roshan..

I’m waiting to see how this plays out..

In the meantime you can enjoy this absurd clip from Don 2.

Terror Plot


If you didn’t already know, there were near simultaneous bomb blasts the Isrealy embassies in Georgia ( in Europe, not USA ) and in India. Israel was quick to shout, “Iran did it . We knew it all along!”

And then the next day…

In Thailand some dude carrying a grenade and an Iranian passport blew his own legs off. With the grenade, not the passport.  Read all about it here.

This seems to have all the makings of a Dan Brown thriller. We just need to join the dots on a map and find out there is a hidden message.

My Hate is actually all Lurvvvvv - My Secret Valentine :*

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Birthday Blues


Back in the olden days, people could falsify the truth easily – for things as silly as saving a schol year. My mother, for example has a ‘School Birthday” and a real one. The school birthday is in March, made up so that she could join school an academic year earlier. Her real birthday is in April.

I’m sure good ole General Singh’s parent’s had similar good intentions when they probably falsified his date if birth. My son will go to school earlier, get a job sooner, get married sooner and bring in the dowries sooner and some day people will google ‘False Birth Date’ and his name will come up on page 1. (I’m just guessing).

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