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Joy !


I just had a whirlwind crafting day! I opened about ten tabs from Pinterest and ended up doing 7 crafty things ūüôā

Here is the first:

I had been seeing these 

on the interwebs for nearly a year. But the old apartment was too gloomy to illuminate with lamps! We had to rig up the flat with super bright CFLs. The new flat is super large and very very bright, Here’s what I did:

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Family Tracker App


Every January, the husband goes off travelling on end-of-year work visits across the country. As a rule, I prefer not to call / text to ask, ‘Where are you? Have you reached?’ .

And I am not a big fan of having to call people as I leave work / get home. Mainly because I forget, and they think well, er, that I was abducted or something.

This being Delhi, I also needed my family to be able to see where the cab (with me in it) was.  For context , take a look at  this.

My first solution was Google Latitude. But it wasn’t fun at all! Also, Latitude isn’t specifically aimed at tracking your family and needs the trackee to have his GPS on.

Next stop – Android Market…. Sorry! Google Play ūüėź ( Fun renaming won’t hide what increasingly seems to resemble 1984)

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What is it with weird people and social media..So yesterday, this person starts to follow me( see how creepy that would be in real life ). So I go to his profile to figure out why. Turns out he has a creepy obsession with people named Neelima and Sunitha..

So this person starts following me - 0 tweets, 10 following -... on Twitpic

Either that, or the totally non creepy explanation involving him trying to find a lost love from kindergarten who was named either Sunitha or Neelima..



Fasten your tech seatbelt! I am going to talk about Рwhich is an online soft-board to pin anything you see on the interweb. You can start your own Boards on to which your Pins go. Yes, just like the physical one at home / school / work / police station.

Oh yeah! and they let you sign in with Twitter or Facebook. That’s one less annoying userid-password to remember.

Here’s a screenshot of my boards on Pinterest.

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Diwali for Techies


Just an hour after I asked my husband why I couldn’t buy firecrackers online, I found this article on The Hindu.

In order to save the largely deskbound workforce inside the IT hub the trouble of hectic last-minute shopping for fireworks, a six-member group of young Technopark engineers have launched a website,, to help their colleagues celebrate a hassle-free Deepavali.

The company passes the order to a licensed firecracker vendor who ensures that it is delivered to the house of the caller. The cash need be paid only on delivery.

I clicked on the link, hoping to move one step closer to a world where everything can be bought online. Here is what I saw.
I tried all the spelling variations of ¬†‘malapadakam’, which, when incorrectly transliterated can mean poo travesty.

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