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Winter is Coming


Let’s start out by watching some parts of this video.

I love the days before winter. The weather is fun all around and anticipation is in the air.

Candle and Tea Foamy Coffee


I end up making fun chocolaty coffees, bake a lot,  and drink boatloads of tea. The husband and I walk around 2 kms to the guy who sells momos and chili sauce.

Can’t wait!




We had an extended weekend with Monday off. Celebrated Pooja, which in Kerala takes the form of Ayudha Pooja – A worship of the weapons / implements you use to earn your livelihood.

On Saturday evening we kept books, laptops, my sewing machine and knitting for pooja. These were taken ‘off pooja’ on Monday morning. In between, we spent over 36 hours not reading anything, writing anything or using any of the skills ‘kept for pooja’.

It was weird not being able to read, accidentally reading things and then being gently reminded by the other person 🙂 We also spent a lot of time with each other and that was fun. Did a lot of cooking and tidying together, discussed plots for murder mysteries and generally had a ball. I must say, I’ve never talked so much in one day.

Here are some pictures from last year’s pooja, as celebrated at my in-laws’ home.

Felt like a tourist. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been taking videos.

Sandalwood paste an flowers on lamp

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If wishes were horses


I’ve been sick.. Can’t go into the details. And coffee isn’t helping.  So I think I shall share what I’ve been up to all cooped up in bed.

I live in the capital region of India and travel to Kerala ( the motherland) at least thrice a year. Every time I do this, I wonder ” If I had travelled this distance in any other direction, I would be in xyz”

Here is the answer to those musings.


you will always be at home

Wherever your travels may take you

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Painting Things


It has been a long hiatus from blogging. (not that I was regular at all to begin with !) I wouldn’t say I’ve been totally lazy these past months, but I sure am relaxed. 

I’ve always been fairly decent at ‘Looking and drawing’. I decided to step things up a notch and started watercolor painting. I found a few great tutorials online. The tutorials showed me that what we all used to do in Art class ( keep daubing paint water till the paper tore or the bell rang) was pretty much the opposite of what one is supposed to do. 


Here is a picture of a tea pot next to a picture of an orange and a teapot 😛

Granita / Sorbet


On a whim, ignoring common sense, i made a lemon granita.

Everything happened rather quickly. I saw the lemons idling in the fridge: Scrape cut squeeze mix freeze. Then came the gentle afterthought. When on earth will I get around to finishing 600ml of crushed ice dessert in the winter?!

I prodded the dessert in the direction of the husband yesterday night and he munched it all away without even glancing at the cup. I wonder what that says about my cooking in general 😀

Oh well! Here is the recipe. It barely takes 5 minutes to do, not counting freezer time.

  • As much sugar as you have lemon juice
  • Water : around 8 times the juice
  • grate the lemon rinds
  • Boil the water, Add the sugar.
  • Stir till it dissolves.
  • Add this to the lemon juice. Top it off with the rinds.
  • Freeze.
  • Check in every couple of  hour and stir the liquid ice mixture. OR If you cannot be bothered / have other things going on in life, you could process the frozen block by blitzing it in your food processor, or by scraping with a spoon till you have the snow like consistency that one is looking for

You could eat / drink it on its own . or top it off with soda / liqueurs..


There and back again


I’ve just finished a whirlwind UK trip that coincided with the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The island had been enjoying some very very sunny weather, right up until the day I landed. I reached at around 8p.m. and was greeted by a bright sky, light drizzle, sharp winds and a happy brother.

The only place it was bright and sunny was in the store display windows with sun dresses and swimwear. Outside the glass cages it was all gray jackets and black umbrellas.

We fled to Bath the next day, avoiding the London rush for the Jubilee. We came home to watch the boats and the Queen on TV.

Having done all the usual things in London, I present to you some fun activities we did outside of London:

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Summer Vacation is here again!


Whenever I think of a vacation the images that pop into mind are of such a nature:

Living in the Hot Hot plains of north India, I cannot, for the life of me understand why anyone would want to spend their summer getaway enduring more heat.

Which is why, the day after tomorrow, I am going to


Here is the itinerary the husband and I have come up with:

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Do something you’ve been putting off.

So many Wednesdays ago, This blog I follow asked us all to :
This week’s challenge goes right along with git ‘er done week.  Do something you’ve been putting off.  That’s it.  As I mentioned yesterday, we’ll have a link party on Friday so you can all show off what you’ve been working on.  It feels so good to get things done!
So I wasted no time in using the Press This button from WordPress and saving this page for a future blog post about me getting something done!
Cut To : 2 months later
Overcome by guilt I’ve finally come around to publishing a post.
And the blog was right, It does feel good to get things done.