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We had an extended weekend with Monday off. Celebrated Pooja, which in Kerala takes the form of Ayudha Pooja – A worship of the weapons / implements you use to earn your livelihood.

On Saturday evening we kept books, laptops, my sewing machine and knitting for pooja. These were taken ‘off pooja’ on Monday morning. In between, we spent over 36 hours not reading anything, writing anything or using any of the skills ‘kept for pooja’.

It was weird not being able to read, accidentally reading things and then being gently reminded by the other person 🙂 We also spent a lot of time with each other and that was fun. Did a lot of cooking and tidying together, discussed plots for murder mysteries and generally had a ball. I must say, I’ve never talked so much in one day.

Here are some pictures from last year’s pooja, as celebrated at my in-laws’ home.

Felt like a tourist. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been taking videos.

Sandalwood paste an flowers on lamp

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